i'm so sorry for no updating at all. i remember about requests and all stuff but now, i do not have time for doing this. exams are really close and honestly, my muse and inspiration left me so be patient, please :)

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Long time no see. I came back from Barcelona on Thursday. It was so amazing, I fell in love with that city. I'm sorry that I still haven't done your requests but I simply do not have time. I have a lot of work in school. Here I post some photos from my trip :)

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texture pack for you made of my photos.

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I'm also taking REQUEST. Please, post as many pics as you want but ONLY OF THOSE FANDOMS:

skins, gossip girl, pushing daisies, veronica mars, the office us, lost, dexter.


Oh! And I'm so sad that Skins are over :( but yeah, waiting for next season!:)


thanks for all the comment you gave me in the last post. appereciate it.


ICONS! not many because i'm more into photography, recently. but i've iconned finaly some skins caps. i love that show. ermm, last episode was so fucked up, wasn't it?! lol! but i liked it anyway. i do like all of episodes, actually.

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icons will be posted soon but, in the meantime, i thought i will show you some photography of mine. well, i'm still learning and some of my photos might be blured, i've got my camera since december:) just tell me what you think, i would love to know your opinion, advice. i'm thinking of posting at flickr.com, also.

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okay, my flickr account HERE. uploaded the first photo :P anyone has an account there?


skins 3 rocks. definately! but i fucking don't understand effy! any special wishes about iconing season 3? waiting for some screencaps from you. i just love love love this new season:)
my school's starting after tomorrow. that sucks but i try to icon something for you.


thanks for all the pics you gave me. i used part of them now but i'll use them also preparing the next post :)

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would you guys be so nice and spam me with some caps/images?
tv shows, movies, celeb, music, etc. i have no idea what to icon and i need some help.
i've got a very important exam tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed. and thanks in advance for pics!

please, write who's in the picture


thanks everyone for the amazing comments you gave me in the previous post. i really appereciate it!


do whatever you like, i don't care but it's just nice to credit the other person's work. all textures were made from photos taken by me. so be that nice and credit me. i did something for you and you do something for me. i noticed that some people don't even have a resource page. i try to list everyone, even if i used somebody's texture once. but of course, it's your choice and it was just my opinion. enjoy.


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